Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Finally Launched!

The Point Bennett finally hit the water yesterday. It is a medium sized boat, feeling almost like a CLC Chessy from the cockpit, but that is where the similarities end. The boat tracks very well. It gives me confidence to tackle the big waters of Lake Michigan. I does sit a little higher in the water than I am used to, but it does allow me to pack it full of gear without affecting the performance. Also, it allows for a little more foot room and still have flat decks.

Rolling! The Point Bennett rolls as well as my Anas Acuta! I am very happy with my ability to scull, brace, and layback in this boat. I am excited to see what new rolls I will be able to learn in it.

The initial stability is about medium. It seems a hair tippier than some boats I have paddled but the secondary is solid. This proves to be an advantage because my lean turns require less effort and I don't have that scary feeling that I could lean too far and tip.

The Point Bennett is fast! This boat is two feet shorter than my Patuxent but paddles about he same speed. I am not fighting the rocker that I am in my Anas Acuta so it makes for more of a pleasant paddle experience.

I still have to add toggles and hip brace pads but otherwise this project is complete. I want to thank the builders who helped me with this project:

Jeremie Torok
Duane Strosaker
Dave Houser

and my wife for her patience. Robin let me borrow the garage this summer and I think it was a sore spot with her. I told her this was going to be her boat to paddle when we go out and I think that is why she let me do it!

I will miss working on the Bennett at night. At 3am I would sometimes walk out to the garage and just stare at her. I love building kayaks. I need to buy a house with a pole building. A man needs a shop to retreat to. I would like to be able to do some sanding at night. If I could have worked for a couple hours after Robin and Ava went to bed, I could have been done in a couple weeks!

That reminds me. Duane's design is fantastic. The fact he just gives this design away is amazing. If you are not aware, the plans for this boat are free at rollordrown.com and are really easy to follow. It seems like a long time ago since I first heard about Duane on the Kayak Builder's board. I was honored to attempt to build his boat and glad to know him. Also, many thanks again to Dave Houser for the encouraging, and humbling, pictures of your Point Bennett.

I will have more pictures soon but Jeremie took them with his camera so we will wait for him to upload them.

Happy paddling!

Cool Matthew!

I just finished a similar one and also thinking about building a more permanent shop, looking forward to the next build.

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