Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Point Bennett Progress....Sanded Hull...Started The Deck

I am so sick of sanding! I have three hours in but I am not quite done. I'm getting close though. I also cut out and assembled the deck panels. Tonight I will hopefully start laying out the offsets and lines for cutting out the deck.

We should write as a book, kayak building and the Zen of Sanding!
I forgot how much of a workout sanding is! After three hours my hands were numb, and my arms were like jelly. That resin is hard to get perfect. I went through the glass on a few spots but no big deal. I am going to fair a little. I am painting the hull white anyway. The deck, however, I plan on leaving natural with varnish. We will see.
Are you planning to tint the epoxy white on the hull, in addition to paint? The idea is that scratches through the paint won't show if the epoxy is also white.
Good to hear from you Andrew! I am not planning on tinting it. Scatches never really bother me all that much. I do love the way boats look, and I love to build them. I try to do the best job I can, but for me, they are more of a tool than anything else. Your last build, shooting star?, was beautiful and I am sure it took a lot more time, money, and energy than I have in this. If I could classify myself in the kayak world, it would be that I want everyone on the water. My personal mission would be to get people building within their budgets and time availability. That's why I am looking more towards SOF. They appear less expensive and just as easy to build. My next one is a Yost sea ranger. My goal is a kayak for a couple hundred bucks, that ways less than 30 lbs, that is a good roller. We'll see...:)
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