Thursday, July 13, 2006

Kayaker Profile: Aaron Stander

This is taken from the :

Aaron Stander spent most of his working years in the Detroit area, where he taught writing and trained writing teachers. In 2000 he and his wife, Mary K Monteith, left teaching positions at Oakland Community College and moved permanently to their cottage home in Interlochen. Aaron is author of Summer People, a mystery set in Northern Michigan, and is a regular contributor to the Dunes Review. He is at work on Color Tour, a sequel to Summer People. When not writing or thinking about writing, Aaron spends a lot of time in his kayak, mostly capsized. Aaron has served on the Board of Directors of Michigan Writers since 2002 and took over as president in March 2005.

I was humbled to be invited to the Aaron and Mary Kay's home. They were great people, as most kayakers are :) Aaron reminded me of myself, his hands always doing something. The last time we talked he was building a couple Yost folding kayaks for he and Mary. They are super low volume, designed for rolling.

Aaron will be at Horizon Books, in Traverse City Michigan, to sign copies of Color Tour on July 29 .

Hey, I turn 30 that day! Happy B-day to me!

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