Friday, June 02, 2006

Perfect Birthday Gift!

My boss just turned 47. He's real sensitive about his birthday and doesn't like people buying him gifts or even talking about it. However, he smiled and shook my hand at the sight of a 30 pack of Miller High Life Lite! Yum. And yes I did put the bow on it.

Let this be a lesson for you ladies out there. Here is the list and you will never go wrong. In fact, now that I have given this to you never need to ask again what we want for a gift.

1) Anything sharp that shines (knives, fish hooks, etc). It's a guy thing.

2) Large amounts of beer. It's not like we are going to drink it all right away. We just like to have it around.

3) Anything loud. Stereos, guns, motorcycles, etc.

4) Tools

5) Gift certificates to buy any of the above.

From now on, don't ever say that we're "hard to shop for". :)

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