Sunday, June 04, 2006

Freya Has A New Website....

Freya Hoffmeister has a new website. This is a great pic from the site. That is her son in the back hatch. I'm not sure I am confident enough with my skills to ever put Ava in the back. However, I don't think Freya is human! She has god-like rolling skills!

She also has a new blog.

...what a pity that pic is two years old and my son grew out of the hatch...this is why I'm selling my Viviane now :-((

Ah, and we loved to roll *together*, my son and I!
(preferred in the pool, cause of potential jellyfish around Helge was a bit scared of...never needed it out there)

...and we weren't only going in that mirror-like water!

Thanks for compliments btw...

Freya + Helge
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