Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Autoloaders Came.....Point Bennet Forms Done.....

I got my forms cut out for the Point Bennet today.

My Malone Autoloaders showed up today. So far they seem pretty cool. The plastic is a lot heavier than I expected. The brackets are too. The only issue I have, as you can see in one of the pics, is that the bracket on the front dents in the roof a bit. When I pull the boat off it seems to pop back so I don't think it matters much. The bracket is rubber coated so it doesn't scratch but it was a little tricky getting the bolts in so close to my roof. If you were using these on a normal rack system you would have no issues. The factory bars on my Vibe are real low. The Autoloaders even fit my big fat Acadias! I have not done a road test yet but so far it looks as if these are going to work well.

I want to thank the folks at Jay's Sporting Goods for shipping these to me the next day after I bought them. I should have called them first.

Freya made a comment on my blog for one of her posts. It was pretty cool to see her name in my email box. I can't help but be a little star-struck!

dunno bout that contact point tween the roof and bracket...r the factory racks even strong enuf?

think i'd be looking for some third party mounting bits at the hardware store...
Factory rack recommends 75lb. I can only use one boat at a time.

Not sure what you mean with the "third party bits"? To reinforce the rack or bracket. The brackets definetly don't need reinforcing. They are way beefier than Yakima or Thule!
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