Monday, June 05, 2006

Autoloader update....

CLC dropped the ball on this one. I ordered these last month. Then they said I would have them by the first. Now I here that although orders have been filled , I was going to have to wait until August. Nothing against CLC. Just don't call there expecting to be able to order these. They apparently have a waiting list.

I called Malone and got a list of retailers across the country. Jay's Sporting Goods, in Gaylord, Mi, has got them on the shelves and will ship. So, by next week, I should finally be able to give my promised review of this rack system.

Incidentally, this rack will be put on a Pontiac Vibe. The Vibe is notorious for not having a lot of options available for it. The Autoloaders are supposed to fit directly to the factory bars. We'll see.....:)

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