Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Thanks To Dave.....

Thanks to Dave Braun, of QajaqUSA, I am rolling my qajaq! Three days ago Dave invited me to a pool session at the local civic center. The first thing I noticed was how nice everyone was and supportive of a new paddler! I felt very welcome. Dave had me practice a couple wet exits and assisted rescues. Then he slapped a tuilik on me. I HAVE TO GET ONE OF THESE! I know some people don't like them but it made me feel more secure and buoyant. Then he taught me to side scull, balance brace, and then I did a standard roll.

I credit the speed in which I learned this to having a fantastic teacher, a decent boat, and great support from the other paddlers in the pool. Thanks to everyone! I am getting pumped for training camp!

Sweet! Congrats.

Yup scull then roll, it's certainly the right combination.

Matt J
That's great. I envy you. I'll keep trying, I'll get my roll this summer for sure.
Yeah my experience with Dave was equally positive last summer during training camp. I look forward to meeting you this summer at TC!

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