Thursday, May 18, 2006

Templates for the Yost Sea Rider

These are for my Yost Sea Rider. I have been sick so I needed something to do. I got a little sick of daytime tv. These are just the templates for stations. I need to make the cutouts for the keel/chines/stringers and transfer these to half inch plywood. I have never made a skin on frame before and I still am looking for info on how to skin this thing. I think I would like it black. I don't know if it will be PVC or nylon or canvas. Inexpensive is the key to this one. I am putting most of my money into the Point Bennet right now. This Yost will just be for rolling and quick day paddles.


4 your consideration
I wish I had your motivation. My Yost Sea Ranger is still a pile of materials in my basement. I started cutting out the HDPE but then I got distracted by the warm paddling weather. Maybe next winter...
I am doing mine in cedar/pine/plywood. It will be a non folder. My goal, once I decide to move on it, is to build it fast and inexpensive. I am always trying to motivate others to get on the water quickly and inexpensively. Lack of money and time seem to keep many would-be paddlers off the water.

I have NO time. I work about 60 hours a week, and have a family that demands attention. Not helping the situation, I finished my basement with a wet-bar and big screen this winter. Now it takes a ton of motivation to go outside and not just crack a beer and watch Family Guy!
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