Monday, May 01, 2006

I always wondered why people had these little balls on their decks. It's to help get your paddle back underneath the bungees! I am such a newbie.

There is nothing like being out in the middle of a lake and not being able to get you paddle strapped down. "Hold on guys! I gotta paddle back to shore and strap down my storm paddle"! Dork! I just don't wanna be that guy!


Where'd you get the black beads??!! I've been looking all over for those.
They are from those bungee cords with the balls on them. They were a soft plastic, almost rubbery. I did not realize at first that they were two pieces. They pop in half like a plastic easter egg. I glued the two halfs together with pvc primer/cement. I worried about them cracking at first but it seems to be a tough little guy. I threw it around the garage for a bit. :)
Update Derrick....those polymer balls suck. I switched back to wood. I supposed you could just stain them black, eh?
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