Sunday, April 30, 2006

Robin and Ava Lou

My family minus the dog. This is a pic from last July. My daughter is now 14 months. They are my inspiration to work hard and strive for a better quality of life. I am a very blessed man!

so what you're saying is that you're putting off building that new boat for awhile?? LOL!!
No, she is trying to understand, Derrick. She would be the happiest women in the world if I just sat and watched the E channel with her. I am just one of those people who can't sit still for very long. The first S&G I built was at someone elses house. Then I learned, in order to keep our marriage solid, I need to be around. So even if I only have a little two car garage, I'm getting the Point Bennet done. I should be done lofting by the end of the week.

Thanks for commenting. And for those of you out there who might be reading this, and don't know who Derrick is, he writes one of the most respected kayak blogs on the net. I look forward to his posts. Check out his site:

You will find a wealth of information.
Both are Beautiful, you are blessed.

Just remember "quality of life" usually doesn't involve working more. It's a tough balance for us men to figure out and I have a hard time getting it right. Fortunately my wife understands my daily dilemma.

I appreciate your insite, Matt.
Hey man, keep us posted on the Point Bennet. That's a pretty sweet S&G.

I've felt the marital stress during all my builds, and to a smaller extent during paddle carvings. My wife is wonderful, but Things That Occupy Great Amounts Of Time tend to push the envelope. The next time I build, I am thinking of scheduling build time on a calendar, and trying to show her an equitable divide of time vs "randomly" dissappearing into the shop after work and coming in the house at midnight all dusty.

I would throw all our televisions out on the curb if I could--if I didn't think she and my son would curl up on the floor and wither away with the DTs. Maybe keep the small one for watching weather when necessary.

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