Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Do you believe in good karma? I must have done something pretty good to deserve this....

I have been a once in a while kayaker for years. I built a CLC boat for my main boat and also have two 12.5 foot Perception Acadias for river paddling. Recently I have become somewhat obsessed with Greenland paddling and techniques. I have been devouring any info I can find on boats to build and paddles to make. My only worry was that, after spending 60-80 hours building a boat, I might not like it and need to build another.

So I went to this party across the street from my house. My neighbor, Mona (lovely women), was a kayaker but doesn't do it anymore. She had this beautiful Valley Anas Acuta sitting in her garage. She sold it to me for......$200!!! She was just being a friend and made me promise it would get some use. What kind of luck is that? It was like a direct answer to my prayers.

The boat is from 1990 but in beautiful condition. I just had to order new hatches because the old ones had rotted. I can't wait to get this in the water.

(Sorry about the pic. I should have some better ones when it hits the water.)

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