Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yost Sea Ranger Launched

Ignore the date on the pictures. I don't know how to use my camera!

I launched the Sea Ranger today. The water is dangerously cold right now so I paddled conservatively. I think I will wait for a little warmer weather to roll! The Ranger is fantastic. It is fast and tracks straight. The front deck is low and makes it perfect for Greenland paddles. The cockpit was roomier than I thought and I felt very secure.

I have to say one of the highlights of the paddle this morning was putting the kayak back on the car! Skin on frames are SOOOOOO light. I always dread dragging my boat out of the water after paddling for a while. I am usually tired and then I have to heft it back onto the rack. This boat is a one hand lift with all the gear still attached!

I have found that I think I prefer this type of construction. I am already thinking I will build some more of these. There is mostly assembly time and very little finishing work (sanding sucks).

The two part resin from skinboats.com is fantastic. I highly recommend it!

The finish weight of this boat is 28lbs. If you are currently building one, please feel free to email me at tcqajaq@yahoo.com with any questions.

Thank you Tom Yost for the great design and support while building this. You are a great person who has done wonders for the kayak world. If I am ever out your way I will rent a motorcycle and we can go tear up the twisties!

With that, I am sure Mrs Keller is glad this thing is done!

Dude, it's beautiful!

Matt J
Nice, I got to paddle one at QAJAQ USA camp last year in Lower Herring Lake. Braced easier than any boat I've ever been in.
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